Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Timonthydelaghetto's newest Youtube Video is racist

Timothydelaghetto (Traphik) aka Tim Chantarangsu has uploaded a spinoff of the viral youtube video series 'Epic Mealtime'. Instead of the regular setup of pounds and pounds of meat with a calorie count that could feed a whole neighborhood, Tim does it a bit different. The twist? It's racist.

With that said, many viewers would be offended. But, hey. It's Tim. It's not like him to not come off at least a little bit offensive. Check out No Racial (The new "No Homo"). Besides the ridiculousness of it all, Tim is being sarcastic and using all the satire he can in this skit.  Personally, I think it's a great idea. Not only was it funny, but hopefully it got people to think a little about stereotypes and racism. It might seem funny to poke fun at someone of another race, but really, it's just silly and makes you look like an ignorant person.

J. Reyez is back with a new MV

J. Reyez is back with Tycoon in this new MV based on Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Niggas in Paris". The video was titled, "Chiggers in Paris" but was taken down and reuploaded as "Niggas in Paris Remix."

I'm not one for rap, but J.Reyez is pretty good. Plus, he has improved. I've been seeing satire used a lot lately to debunk stereotypes and show how silly they are. Some artists have done well, but others have failed. J. Reyez is certainly one of those who can talk about stereotypes in his songs and make you think.

Good luck to J.Reyez on his new album.
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ludacris is officially working with YG Entertainment!

American rapper, Ludacris, is set to sign an agreement with YG entertainment next week! If you haven't been following kpop news (like I do religiously), Ludacris has already expressed his positive feelings towards the genre. He feels that kpop is going global, and really favors YG Entertainment's Hip-Hop/R&B music. Ludacris is visting Korea on September 20th, where he will sign a memorandum. Representatives from YG hinted at a music exchange and a collaboration in the future.

Also, Ludacris will release his brand of headphones "Soul" on the 20th at the press conference with YG.

If you don't already know, The Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am. recently visted Korea to work with YG's 2NE1. Maybe Ludacris will work with Big Bang? Who Knows? So many possiblilties.

Anyone excited for the American/Korean collaborations?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toyota's "Growing Up" commercial

Back with my ongoing commercial spotlight posts, I just recently found Toyota's new commercial featuring an Asian American dad and his little girl who "grows up" in thirty seconds.
The commercial is cute,relatable, and effectively sends out the messages Toyota is trying to accomplish.
The most awesome thing about this commercial is that stereotypes are nonexsistent. This fits the typical "American" lifestyle. Job well done,Toyota.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Glee returns this September. And guess what? Mike Chang now has parents

Tamlyn Tomita

If you don't already know by now Mike Chang, played by Harry Shum Jr., is not a supporting actor anymore. In this season on Glee, Mike Chang is now one of the main characters alongside fellow Gleemates like Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and Kurt Hummel (Chris Colfer). Chang now has a larger role in the series so gleeks can get a closer look into Mike Chang's history. Which means, Mike Chang now has parents.

Tamlyn Tomita of The Joy Luck Club and Keong Sim of The Last Airbender will play Chang's mother and father respectively.

Keong Sim
This is really exciting news. I think this is a big step for the media. And of course you would see it first on Glee. From a show that disregards what anyone has to say about it, Glee likes to take chances. And it pays off. I just hope the characters are played respectfully.

You won't get to see this duo until October 4th during the third episode, but I bet Glee fans cannot wait.
Check out the new season on Fox starting September 20th!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Just when you thought America was getting a little less racist...

It's nice to see Asian Americans coming into their own. I've posted some commericals and spotlighted some Asian American actors. (More to come on that, I promise.) There has been a breakthrough in Asian American entertainment like never before. Yet, in this day and age, there is always someone trying to reverse that progress. Meet the new Alexandra Wallace:

I try to keep this blog as positive as I can. My posts recognize and celebrate a new kind of diversity that has yet to be seen. But with recent videos like Alexandra Wallace's racist UCLA rant (that was eventually banned on Youtube) and the racist remarks about Japan on Facebook after the Women's World Cup, I just can't help but expose this kind of ignorance. Hopefully with enough exposure to this stupidity, people will learn to be a little less judgemental.

Click the link below. Warning: 1:45 mark is not appropriate for children.
How To become Asian

Monday, August 8, 2011

Clara C unleashes new MV starring Ryan Higa

Musician Clara releases new music video titled 'The Camel Song". The music video is cute and fun. And Ryan Higa is definately a sight for sore eyes!
Check out her new MV below and don't forget to support her by buying the music on iTunes.